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Collage Creative with Amy Small

Aug 17, 2017

Today on the show I have Amy Voloshin. Amy is the founder and owner of Printfresh, a textile design company and stationary company. On top of that, she and her husband Leo bought a warehouse in the Fishtown area of Philadelhia and turned it into an amazing office space. Lastly, she’s launching her own clothing line so soon called Voloshin. Amy and I started working at Free People together right out of college in 2003 – SO we have been friends a super long time. Amy started her textile print business just a little before I did and I’ve now seen it evolve into an empire with so many moving parts. The way she balances her life with work, health, date nights will inspire you! She also gives us a few great producitivy hacks and tips to staying calm in the face of any storm. Stick around for the end where I’ll talk about my main take aways and let you know what’s going on in my world right now, because it’s been a little bit of a nutty week here. 


For show notes: