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Collage Creative with Amy Small

Jan 24, 2023

I'm getting back into the swing of recording every 10th episode as a solo episode. In this session, I share a little bit about what's in store for 2023 personally and for Knit Collage. Then I dive into the inner voice training I'm doing right now and tell you all what it's about...warning a little woo woo and out there...

Jan 19, 2023

Today on the podcast,  meet Liza Laird. Liza is a spinner, knitter, yoga teacher and the author of a new book called the Yoga of Yarn. The Yoga of Yarn is a book of practices for the modern knitter. There are a total of 55 explorations - including knitting patterns, meditations, yoga movements, and breathing exercises....

Jan 11, 2023

Today is a special episode with Dylan Ayaloo or as he calls himself, the Inner Work Guy. Originally I planned to release this in a few weeks time but after we chatted I knew it had to go live sooner. When a new year begins, there’s such a push to make goals, do more, be better etc. and what Dylan suggests is to slow...

Jan 3, 2023

Hi everyone! Today on the show I have Vanessa Vargas Wilson! She is the force behind Crafty Gemini. At Crafty Gemini she teaches and shares many of the things she love: sewing, knitting, quilting, cooking and gardening. It feels like there's not much she doesn't do! Let's dive in. Show notes