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Collage Creative with Amy Small

Jan 31, 2020

Today on the show I have a new friend that has an amazing business story to tell us! Her name is Cripsina ffrench and she is zero waste designer and teacher. I encourage you to stick around to the end when we get into mindest, the power of what we think and how we feel.  Show notes

Jan 23, 2020

Hi there! Welcome to Episode 112 of the Collage Creative Podcast. Today I am thrilled to have Yasmenda McCoy on the show. She is the crochet jewelry designer behind Designs by Yasmen. I’m so excited for you to hear Yasmenda’s stories – she tells amazing stories! And how she gets through rough months is priceless...

Jan 9, 2020

Today on the podcast, I have London Kaye. London is a crochet artist with a specialty in yarn bombing and fiber installations.  Her work is happy and brings those who encounter it unexpected little joys! In this episode we go deep into her story which is fascinating. I love how she pushed herself to find that thing that...